VA RFI: VINCI Sustainment, Data Management, and System Administration (T4NG)

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0170

“In recent months, VINCI has been asked to provide significant infrastructure and data management support to the VA’s effort to combat the spread of COVID-19, for researchers focusing on the spread and impact of the virus. With vaccine rollout in full- swing nation-wide, VINCI will need to be prepared for tracking distribution, side effects, subsequent effects, and a wide-array of vital statistics that will enable researchers to combat the virus and all its variants. Providing a safe, secure, and stable platform for researchers to work off of, as well as timely, accurate, and reliable data is absolutely imperative as VINCI continues to adapt to the changing requirements and needs of the research community.”

“The Contractor shall maintain and create VINCI research datasets; implement and maintain operations and research project folders, databases and analysis software; implement and maintain Virtual Machine environments. The Contractor shall maintain VINCI Central, Data Access Request Tracker (DART), Meta Data, Provisioning System, as well as support long term initiatives for NLP, genomics and related items that may be included in the planned EHR Modernization (EHRM) as necessary. The Contractor shall also provide management, administration, and day-to-day operations of all servers, storage systems, operating systems, and network systems that are part of VINCI and provide technical and help desk support. The Contractor shall provide necessary information and documentation to achieve and/or maintain the VINCI Authority to Operate (ATO). The Contractor shall also provide support for the following: SAS Grid, Hyper V Clusters, SharePoint administration, and VINCI project management. The Contractor shall provide Biosurveillance and Vaccine support in response to COVID-19.”

“This Task Order (TO) effort PWS is within the scope of paragraph(s): 4.1 Program Management, Strategy, Enterprise Architecture and Planning Support; 4.2.2 Architecture Development; 4.2.11 Informatics Services; 4.2.13 Current System and Data Migration; 4.3 Software Technology Demonstration and Transition; 4.4 Test and Evaluation; 4.6 Enterprise Network; 4.8 Operations And Maintenance (O&M); 4.8.1 Systems/Network Administration; 4.8.7 Service/Help Desk/Call Center Support; 4.8.10 Database and Data Warehouse Administration; and 4.8.11 Data Center Administration of the T4NG Basic PWS.”

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