VA Sources Sought: Employee Focus Group Engagement Platform

Notice ID: 36C24121Q0299

“SERVICES REQUIRED: A digital online employee focus group engagement platform that allows Executive Leaders to organize multiple voices at once, and have enhanced, focused conversations at scale that includes the ability to create and send targeted customizable questions, crowdsourced voting, prioritized real-time results, visual data and infographics and trend analysis dashboards about feedback obtained through an anonymous and transparent electronic process either thru email, text or on-demand tablet.   Utilization of push/pull technology for employee engagement will allow organizational leaders to conduct unlimited real-time crowdsourcing of ideas/feedback with groups or subgroups of employees and receive their direct input and insights as a continuous employee engagement process to over 1,100 employees.”

OBJECTIVES for an employee engagement platform:

  1. conduct unlimited pulses
  2. implement multiple pulse campaigns
  3. employee feedback posted every 2 hours
  4. dashboards updated three (3) times per month
  5. response data is exportable
  6. data can be ‘sliced and diced’ for presentations and actions plans
  7. real-time visual heat maps
  8. sample question template with functionality to customize questions


Software Deliverables

  1. Provide an enterprise digital focus group platform that includes qualitative voting functionality based on statistical analysis which provides s a rank ordered list of the most impactful solutions to drive the best clinical, operational, cultural, employee, Veteran and business-related outcomes
  2. Real-time crowdsourced anonymized input of ideas from various workgroups, locations and by service/manager
  3. Ability to capture and share actionable, crowdsourced feedback in real-time to leverage organizational intelligence
  4. Ability to coordinate multiple/concurrent pulse(s) digital focus groups
  5. Ability to add gamification to a pulse
  6. Cloud storage for data
  7. Software compatibility with multiple computing platforms
  8. Platform able to accommodate 1,100 live users
  9. Pulse(s) can be internally created/developed/customized locally…

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