VA Sources Sought: Veterans Integrated Service Network 04 Digital Rounding Device

Notice ID: 36C24421Q0442

The purpose of this project would be to provide employees and supervisors with a tool that would provide real time data to verify that purposeful rounding is being completed, and veterans’ needs are being addressed. This tool would replace the current paper and check box rounding system.

Characteristics of potential device:

  • Reusable wrist band for Veteran (transmitter) to wear. Needs to be water resistant and latex free.
  • Receiving device (ie a tablet device) for RN, LPN, or aide that allows employee to complete rounding without disturbing the veteran. Receiving devise must be able to pick up at least 3 feet from the transmitter.
  • Veteran’s wrist band must be given a unique identifier.
  • System should be user friendly.


  • Receiving device should include standardized language for employee to document the veteran’s current state on rounds.
  • Time stamp information reflecting rounding has occurred. It documents only that a specific individual was in proximity of the wristband at a specific date and time.
  • Able to pick up proximity signal from veteran so as to not disturb if they are in the chapel, dining hall, outside or at a group activity.
  • Easily stored data that can be extrapolated to verify rounding has been done appropriately and timely.

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