CDC NCIRD seeking IT Specialist

“This position is located in National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, (NCIRD), Influenza Division, Office of the Director, responsible for Information Technology and Informatics activities. As a senior member of the management team, develop vision and strategies for Informatics and its application within public health through needs assessment, external input, establish and maintain internal processes for decision making regarding metrics, standards, guidelines and policies.”


  • Evaluate, design, and deploy processes, procedures, and systems for project management and system development.
  • Conduct long-range planning and analysis of division-wide and cross-cutting systems, strategies, projects, services, practices, performance metrics, processes and the use of informatics and information technology to meet growth and expansion needs.
  • Analyze the current technology and business environments and develops strategies and options for acquisition of equipment and services.
  • Write contracts, reports, letters and other documents with recommendations for management programs, policies and activities.

Read the full job description here.



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