JOMIS to Host Virtual Industry Day to Discuss OpMed IT Challenges

Updated April 14, 2021

“As a follow-on to the sources sought, JOMIS will conduct a virtual Industry Day on April 20th where they will discuss OpMed IT challenges and answer industry questions.”

“Following the open industry session, select vendors will be invited to demonstrate their submitted capability in a closed session on April 20th or 21st (the selected respondents will receive separate invites). Those not selected to present their capability on April 20th or 21st may have an opportunity to schedule a meeting with JOMIS PMO personnel at a later date.”

“If you would like to receive an invitation to the open session of the virtual industry day, please send an email to Indy Toliver and Sharjeel Javaid…”

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Posted March 4, 2021

Notice ID: CD-DHMS-HCD-Mar2021

The Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) Defense Healthcare Management Systems Contracting Division (DHMS-CD) is seeking potential sources for capabilities to support the documentation of care in expeditionary environments, and the transmission of that documentation back to the single longitudinal health record.

The JOMIS PMO is interested in learning about technologies, tools, or products that meet some or all of the following functional attributes:

  • Ability to review and document a patient’s longitudinal medical record

The desired solution incorporates core aspects of an EHR, and relevant limited data sets appropriate to support the treatment of causalities consistent with the level of training of the providers using it, and operating environment in which it will be used. The solution will provide the ability to operate in disconnected environments to support data capture, data flow and data retrieval from host repositories and data services. Desired core aspects of an EHR include, but are not limited to, the ability to electronically order medications, provide ancillary result management, facilitate internal and external communication for coordination of care, enable administrative and population health reporting, promote patient engagement, perform quality metric analysis, offer standardized functionality, present intuitive user interfaces, and enable Health Information Exchange (HIE).

  • Ability to provide clinical decision support (CDS) in order to maximize patient-oriented healthcare outcomes

The desired solution must provide the right information, at the right time, to the right user, in the right format in order to improve real-time clinical decision making and maximize healthcare efficiency and quality. Examples of CDS tools include but are not limited to clinical parameter alerts, conditional rules with branching logic, automated drug-drug and drug-allergy checking, API (Application Program Interface)’s embedded for quick references to source materials, clinical scoring tools, diagnostic testing recommendations, clinical practice guidelines, readily available tutorials for self-guided support and order sets. These features must be available to support providers working in disconnected environments.

  • Ability to exchange medically relevant data between all roles of care throughout the operational environment

The desired solution must enable lateral information exchange between the roles of care, which is crucial in providing short-term acute treatment. The desired solution must capture healthcare documentation in a manner that maximizes integration with MHS GENESIS to support delivery of long-term care.

  • Ability to fully integrate into the clinical workflow

In order to leverage technology without compromising safety, solutions must be seamlessly integrated into the clinical workflow to maximize utilization and minimize technology fatigue and burnout. Solutions should be designed for greater speed and precision needed in this environment using functionalities available such as automation to increase efficiency, instantaneous keystroke recognition, or templates and mechanisms (voice, touchscreen, handwriting) for rapid data capture.

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