DHA Sources Sought: Operational Medicine Service Support for Training, Deployment and User Adoption

Notice ID: JOMIS-FY21_0004

“The purpose of this acquisition is to

  • Provide Service Support for life-cycle management services and integration engineering in support of the patient care for warfighters and modernization of capabilities as required by the government,
  • Provide User Adoption OpMed Product Utilization Analyses by OpMed capability area,
  • To maintain an in-depth understanding of the current and target user audiences,
  • Assess their satisfaction and pain points as related to existing OpMed systems and associated product support solutions, and
  • Capture their insights and input in support of product support planning and solution development.”

“The scope of this contract includes the comprehensive suite of IT services and IT solutions managed by the Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems (JOMIS) Program Office.”

“Additional services performed under this contract include but are not limited to Managed Services delivery, User Adoption, Service Support, documentation, operations, deployment, cybersecurity, configuration management, training and exercise support, commercial off the shelf (COTS) product management and utilization, technology refresh, data and information services, information display services and business analysis and execution as tasked by the JOMIS program management office…”

Identified Tasks

“Program Management

  • Provide overall program management in accordance with the DoD acquisition policies for the assigned ACAT level. This task includes management of overall program cost, schedule, performance and program reviews on these topics…”

“Service Specific Product Management Support- As the operational medicine lead, the JOMIS PMO supports the Services in the management and deployment of existing capabilities/ software developed/ overseen by the JOMIS PMO. To that end, it is expected that the contractor will provide the following support to each of the Service branches.

  • Project Management, Program Support, Requirements and Analysis Support
  • Advanced Capabilities and Modernization Support
  • Advanced Report Development
  • Application Scalability
  • Data Reporting and Informatics Support System Analytics, Utilization and…”

“Service Specific Training and Exercise Support

  • Training Materials
  • Exercise Support Activities
    • Assume twelve (12) training events per year of performance
  • With preparation, training support, training event activity, and completion of required documents.
  • Service specific training, exercise and deployment support…”

“User Adoption to support the JOMIS PMO

  • Adoption Sustainment Strategy Development Support
  • Provide Strategy Defining Adoption Level Goal Progression
  • Product Change Over and Product Support Transition Planning
  • User Readiness Engagement, Evaluation and Realignment Planning
  • Product Launch Planning and Launch Management Support
  • Market Rollout Planning and Rollout…”

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