GovernmentCIO: Managed Services Help VA Drive Digital Transformation

“Managed services driving artificial intelligence and cloud computing enabled the Department of Veterans Affairs to be more agile and responsive in the face of sudden demands for remote work and telehealth capabilities during the pandemic.”

“Over the past five years, VA embarked on a modernization journey that put cloud and commercial products at the forefront to scale up at speed, noted Dominic Cussatt, VA’s acting assistant secretary for information technology and CIO.”

“’It was a systemic approach to accomplish our mission to deliver services to the veterans,’ Cussatt said at a GDIT virtual event. ‘Our transformation included … seamless and secure interoperability. The data needs to flow effortlessly so that our workforce can get their mission done.’”

“The VA’s cloud platforms in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services enabled the department to meet the immediate demands presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as telework, telehealth and telecounseling.”

“’Because of those cloud platforms … we had good vendor relationships and contract vehicles that allowed us to scale, like end-user device solutions and equipment to support telehealth,’ Cussatt said. ‘Having these managed services and cloud platforms enabled us to act very decisively and provided flexibility in our day-to-day operations.’”

“Because of the global COVID-19 crisis, the VA had to quickly drive these modernization efforts to support the newly remote world and continue serving its customers…” Read the full article here.

Source: Managed Services Help VA Drive Digital Transformation — By Sarah Sybert, April 13, 2021. GovernmentCIO.



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