HHS HRSA RFQ: Enterprise Infrastructure & Architecture Services (EIEAS) BPA

Notice ID: RFQ1483672

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible for providing HRSA with Information Technology (IT) services including: IT Infrastructure (Network, Hosting, Cloud) Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance, Cyber Security, Application Development, IT Help Desk Services, and web conferencing.

The purpose of this Call Order is to procure Enterprise Infrastructure Services for HRSA’s Office of Information Technology (OIT).

Division of Infrastructure Services (DIS) is responsible for the enterprise level infrastructure related services for the agency including application hosting and identity and access management.

The Contractor shall:

2.1 Prepare and deliver the following documents as part of management of projects:
2.1.1 Requirements documentation
2.1.2 Action Items/Issue tracking
2.1.3 Communications Plan
2.1.4 Project Plans
2.1.5 Risk Register…

2.3 Manage Infrastructure Services day-to-day Operations:
2.3.1 Provide “Level of Effort” for sizing purposes of the various projects routinely with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR)and technical representative.
2.3.2 Create and provide reports that demonstrate that services are delivered with no quality problems and match HRSA OIT DIS SLA’s.
2.3.3 Ensure ServiceNow tickets are updated daily and have informative and accurate closing notes.
2.3.4 Ensure tickets are being created for ad-hoc issues that are discovered using the government ticketing system.
2.3.5 Provide request in writing in advance to HRSA PM and COR of any contingency work to be performed outside of the regular hours.
2.3.6 Participate in on-call activities.
2.3.7 Provide in writing post on-call activity of any on call work performed and number of hours to resolve.
2.3.8 Provide monthly24X7 on call roster on a monthly basis.
2.3.9 Actively participate in change management processes.
2.3.10 Participate in Incident Review process and deliver incident reports within 3 days.
2.3.11 Identify problem trends within the services delivered.
2.3.12 Perform an onboarding checklist when new staff arrive to ensure they are fully on boarded with the appropriate rights within their first two days ofwork.
2.3.13 Perform off boarding procedure to remove access to systems and VPN.
2.3.14 Ensure services for scheduled maintenances, service affecting activities and contingency work outside of regular business hours are performed. Services affecting maintenance for HRSA Headquarters shall occur Monday-Friday after 8pm EST or weekends or government holidays. Services affecting maintenance for Baton Rouge (HRSA’s Regional Office) shall occur Monday-Friday after 7pm EST or weekends or government holidays.
2.3.15 Ensure all Contractor team members carry Government Furnished smartphones and respond to email alerts based on Contractors’ on-call schedule. Contractor that is on-call should respond to the alert or reply to or begin to call the call tree to find someone else who can respond from the Contractor staff. During regular business hours, the Contractor shall respond to email alertswithin5 minutes. After business hours, the Contractor shall respond to email alerts within30minutes. If an incident that initiated the alert is related to a hardware failure, Contractor shall work to replace defective hardware…

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