HHS RFQ: OASH Software Development, Modernization, Maintenance and Support

Notice ID: RFQ1487976

In order to support OASH’s diverse needs and operation offices, existing legacy systems supporting the office will be rationalized, consolidated, and modernized to take advantage of the fast changing landscape of information technology. The goal is to create a suite of user validated products, providing a set of common capabilities, supported by componentized reusable services (OSS, COTS/GOTS, and Integration Code), residing on a hybrid cloud infrastructure, with security and compliance built in from the beginning to reduce risks to the organization. This Digital Services Platform shall increase operational and mission capabilities, increase productivity, reduce support cost, increase cyber security, and be easily upgradable with future technology.

In addition to these technical objectives, personnel that will support this highly skilled mission must be:

  • Familiar with Healthcare related data.
  • Experienced in driving solutions for public health and science.
  • Experienced in architecture, implementing, and operationalizing hybrid cloud solutions, and implementing all relevant security and compliance requirements.
  • Industry recognized experts in the areas of Agile development and Lean management… emphasis towards the low code and custom code platforms. The goal is to consolidate, rearchitect and re-factor existing applications in compliance with recommendations of the Chief Information Officer, Deputy Chief Information Officer, and IT Operations Director.

Software Modernization and Migration activities include:

  • Analyze and evaluate existing information system capabilities, identify and evaluate its components and configuration alternatives. Assist in the development of Analysis of Alternative of new technology solutions supporting identified business capabilities.
  • Perform 6-R evaluations to identify the best modernization scenarios and present to the OCIO as recommendations. Define the parallel model and services which will support both new and legacy applications in the same production workspace.
  • Propose a mix of low code, custom code and COTS targets for applications in the current operational systems (legacy) to promote custom code reduction.
  • Provide architecture recommendations to improve extensibility and reuse of code and refine the internal architecture or object model of the applications and systems.
  • Conduct user research to validate business architecture and implement business capabilities based on validated user experiences…

OCIO requires software maintenance and enhancements programming services to support two legacy application frameworks as well as applications built on OASH’s SaaS / PaaS hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Software Maintenance and Enhancements Activities include:

  • Maintain, enhance and revise existing code.
  • Develop new database tables or make changes to existing tables. Migrate and/or revise existing data to fit the new table structures.
  • Work with OASH personnel to refine business processes of existing applications.
    • Identify and determine areas for business process improvements and efficiencies. Utilize expertise to lead business process documentation meetings and elicit detailed descriptions of existing and desired business processes. Work with OASH personnel to define business process inputs, outputs and exit points…

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