Grow, Launch, and Scale: Continuing to Serve through Entrepreneurship

MileMarker10’s Megan Murray speaks with Blake Hogan, CEO of Bunker Labs, to discuss his journey from Marine to entrepreneur, debunk common misconceptions of being a business person, and explore how the Federal IT Community can engage with military-connected entrepreneurs.

About Blake Hogan

Blake Hogan is a Marine Corps Veteran and natural dot connector. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping fellow Veterans and their spouses launch and grow successful companies. His first company led him to co-found Bunker Labs Austin and Nashville after experiencing the challenges of growing a professional network after leaving active duty. Bunker Labs, now a national not-for-profit, helps the military-connected community launch and grow businesses across the country. Now serving as CEO, Blake’s goal is to ensure that the American dream can be a reality for the military-connected community and, in doing so, build a truly inclusive economy. 

About Bunker Labs

Bunker Labs is a national nonprofit organization with the mission of ensuring that the military-connected community has the network, tools, and opportunities they need to start successful ventures. We accomplish our mission by inspiring members of the military community to see their entrepreneurial potential. We equip our program participants with practical tools, insights, experts, and resources to accelerate their success, and we connect entrepreneurs with a robust community and diverse, relevant networks.


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