IHS RFQ: IT Strategic Plan (ITSP)

Notice ID: 75H70421Q00012

“The primary deliverable of this contract and process will be a written organizational ITSP document that presents the planning process, research, analysis, opportunities and strategies along with an implementation plan that will guide the IHS Information Technology Program for the next three – five years. The goal of this effort is to build on the work of the previous plan and to look forward as the organization continues to evolve. The end result will be a strategic plan which will communicate the organization’s IT and HIT goals and priorities, and how these will be achieved and measured in the context of our vision and mission…”

“Under this project, the contractor shall provide strategic planning support for the IHS Office of Information Technology and assist with the draft of the IHS ITSP with a goal of finalization in FY21. As envisioned, the scope of work for this proposal shall include the following components:


  • The contractor shall work with the IHS to develop and finalize the strategic planning process; validate the agency’s objectives for this project; and outline IHS staff, Internal and external stakeholder roles and consultant roles and responsibilities for the project.
  • The contractor shall develop a work plan to guide project activities and communications.
  • The work performed in this effort is envisioned as a phased deployment as outlined in the following sections. Preceding phases inform the work performed in the following phases; therefore, some activities are not expected to run in parallel until information is well formed in the preceding steps.
  • The contractor shall conduct an orientation and briefing sessions for the IHS and key stakeholders on project goals and the potential outcomes.
  • The contractor must be available for presentations to IHS leadership, IHS Staff, and key stakeholder groups, including but not limited to a presentation of the final version of the strategic plan developed through this project.
  • Development and implementation of techniques/initiatives to promote involvement designed to engage the community, stakeholders, and IHS’ leadership throughout the process is critical…”

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