MHS PEO D2D discusses How to Prepare the Military Health System for Modernization, Standardization, and Interoperability

“The Military Health System (MHS) is in the midst of a historical healthcare transformation to improve patient care for 9.6 million beneficiaries comprised of active service members, veterans, and their families. This initiative required significant enhancements to infrastructure, processes, and operations at more than 400 medical treatment facilities (MTFs) worldwide in order to deploy the new electronic health record (EHR) system – MHS GENESIS. The MHS GENESIS implementation enables medical providers and patients to securely access a single health record throughout the continuum of care from the point of injury to arriving at an MTF, regardless of location…”

“Migrating MTFs through the D2D program and onto the Med-COI is a monumental task that requires numerous resources, including collaboration within the DHA, cooperation with MTF leadership and personnel, and continued funding from Congress. In 2017, the Program Executive Office Desktop to Datacenter (PEO D2D) was established to oversee health IT and the infrastructure implementation component of D2D.”

“The success of the D2D program is a key enabler to the medical readiness of our warfighters and the well-being of their families. It requires a tremendous amount of resources from hardware and software acquisition, contract management, implementation, testing, training, customer support to overall project management. The question became how to structure the PEO D2D to ensure the program’s success and, ultimately, MHS GENESIS. Taking a step back and planning the following elements from the beginning has contributed directly to the success of the implementation to date…” Read the full article here.

Source: How to Prepare the Military Health System for Modernization, Standardization, and Interoperability? – By Mark Goodge. HealthTech Magazine.



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