MHS Sources Sought: BAMC Migration Point of Care Test System

Notice ID: W81K00-21-Q-0114

“The Regional Health Contracting Office-Central (RHCO-C) is issuing this Sources Sought Notice on behalf of Brooke Army Medical Center to find potential sources to provide an electronic “bridging or migration of currently in-use point of care testing (POCT) instrument management software and support from an obsolete server (PWeb).

  • The system must System must have B2B with remote access for updates/upgrades/troubleshooting.
  • Must possess software capable of operating in Department of Defense (DoD) network environment.
  • Must support Active Director or integration for username/password compliance.
  • Must possess the ability to manage patient results, quality control, linearity, operators, certifications, devices and device configurations.
  • Must be user-friendly with an easy-to-use system for navigating.
  • The easy-to-use system must possess the ability to export data to Work, Excel, PDF, etc.
  • Must possess a quick view result exception, device alarms, connectivity, and verification of operator status.
  • Must be capable of controlling users’ access only to data and functionality for which they have permission…”

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