NIH RFQ: Hospital Wayfinding Solution

Notice ID: 21-000334

“The Clinical Center is seeking a vendor to maintain a hospital wayfinding solution for the NIH Clinical Center Complex comprised of the Warren Grant Magnuson Building (Building 10), Ambulatory Care Research Facility (ACRF) and the Mark 0. Hatfield Clinical Research Center (CRC).”

“The contractor shall provide all planning, execution, implementation and support for the deployment of a fully functioning wayfinding solution throughout the NIH Clinical Center as well as all resources necessary to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Site surveys to capture and correlate the NIH Clinical Center Complex’s electromagnetic, motion and orientation signatures to NIH provided Clinical Center Complex floor plans (i.e., perform digital mapping of the NIH Clinical Center Complex necessary to create a digital model of the hospital)…
  • Capture and populate a database (includes NED) with new points of interest, services, physicians, amenities and staff directories displayable in mobile applications (Apps) for iOS and Android smartphones as well as a browser based solution (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.).
    • Work with NIH team on updating password for NED imports
    • Browser solution must allow for the configuration of drop down NIH definable menus to create custom start-to-finish guidance maps inside the NIH Clinical Center Complex.
    • Smartphone solutions for iOS and Android must be location aware and provide indoor positioning.
    • Smartphone solutions for iOS and Android must be able to distinguish between floors where the user is accessing the application from and provide accurate tum-by-turn directions to destinations on different floors utilizing elevators, stairs, etc.
  • Smartphone iOS and Android applications that provide patients and staff with turn-by-turn 3D hospital wayfinding to their point-of-care or room destination in the NIH Clinical Center Complex.
  • Maintain the NIH Clinical Center branded mobile Apps for iOS and Android smartphones.
  • Publish the NIH Clinical Center branded mobile Apps and any updates to Google Play and Apple iTunes stores in a timely manner.
  • Cloud hosting for all content.
  • Analytics/reporting tool.
  • Provide an Administrative application or website that allows the entry, update and management of NIH content.
  • Provide 24/7 monitoring and support for the system to detect any abnormal conditions encountered by users…”

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