NIH RFQ: Web Management Services

Notice ID: RFQ1488105

The Contractor shall maintain and update the day-to-day content of the external websites, (, as well as the Clinical Center’s two intranet sites. These sites serve as comprehensive and easy-to-navigate repositories for the most current official information about the Clinical Center.

The Contractor shall ensure that the sites’ content, as provided by OCMR, is presented, organized and maintained effectively to serve as a useful resource for users and is compliant with all website accessibility requirements to accommodate users with disabilities. The Contractor shall also ensure the sites’ technical and aesthetic components appropriately represent the Clinical Center.

The Contractor shall support in all aspects of the development and management of the Clinical Center’s internal and external websites. The Contractor shall have at least five years of experience in website design, organization, usability and management best-practice, ideally with a government department or agency.

The Contractor shall demonstrate the following expertise:

  • All aspects of compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the related policies established by the Office of Management and Budget.
  • Best practices for effectively organizing and presenting diverse types of information in user-friendly ways.
  • Website navigation and usability best practices.
  • Comprehensive web content posting techniques, including the use of mark up languages such as HTML and the conversion of documents from a variety of original source formats (e.g. Word, Quark, PowerPoint, Excel) to web usable formats (HTML, PDF, ASCII) that are 508 compliant.
  • Creation of effective graphics and web design elements.
  • Integration of multi-media and interactive technologies.
  • A minimum of 2 years of in-depth experience managing websites using industry standard content management systems.
  • Demonstrable experience in relevant fields such as web administration, content management, web design, interface design and user experience analysis.

The following experience is preferred:

  • Health care, research and Federal Government settings.
  • Integrated web, app, video and social media strategy.

The selected Contractor shall:

  • Add, modify and delete content on the Clinical Center’s internet and intranet sites in response to work requests from OCMR and designated department representatives.
  • Work with the client to organize and present content in way that is attractive, easy for the viewer to find and understand and is consistent with branding standards set by the NIH.
  • Create images and visual content for incorporation into the website.
  • Work with outside designers, graphic artists and technical personnel from the Clinical Center, the Department of Clinical Research Informatics (DCRI) and other organizations as necessary to re-design, develop and enhance individual department pages and the website overall.
  • Develop a monthly average of 12 additional internet and intranet pages.
  • Oversee the placement and posting of documents, including 508-accessble Portable Document Format (PDF) created by the Contractor and Clinical Center contributors.
  • Integrate OCMR-generated and selected social media and video content into the websites.
  • Ensure that the site’s security certificates and other key documentation are current and that the website is operable with common web browsers as well as mobile users.
  • Complete weekly content updates and weekly ad hoc requests.

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