NIH Sources Sought: NIDDK Technical Administrative Support Services

Notice ID: NIH-NICHD-2021-013

The scope of work consists of providing independent scientific, operations and professional administrative support services to administrators and federal staff within NIDDK, NIDDK laboratories, branches and sections including, but not limited to, principal investigators, students, postdoctoral fellows, clinical fellows and other trainees as it relates to the NIDDK mission within NIH. Tasks include but are not limited to technical guidance, organizational and workforce development, and administrative support.

The Contractor shall assist the NIDDK by providing experienced staff who have extensive pertinent experience relevant to serving the NIH mission.  The Contractor shall, when required, provide direct support in the following areas:

Research and analysis of specific issues related to the NIDDK mission as necessary to enhance the Director’s ability to reach out to and advocate on behalf of NIH and its collaborative partners including the coordination of meetings and activities both on-site and off-site.

Providing expert guidance and assistance in the design of new programs, process development and the enhancement and maintenance of existing programs.

Providing consultative services in the establishment of work groups, committees, and panels to provide collaborative solutions to address improvements in the grant making process at NIH, including recommendations for improvements in the Information Technology (IT) systems and identification of business process tasks that are suitable for automation.

Evaluation/Auditing of the existing grant making process and IT systems, to assist in automating metric data collection for measuring successes, ensuring compliance with grant making conditions and identifying technical assistance to improve and enhance NIDDK operations…

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