Press Release: Koniag Government Services to increase efficiency with new organizational structure

“Koniag Government Services (KGS) is revitalizing its organizational structure in order to increase efficiency and scalability to continue its successful track record of business growth.”

“KGS will move to a three lines of business (LOB) structure that mirrors its three core business areas: Operations Management, Professional Services, and Enterprise Solutions. The new structure will streamline KGS’ operations to provide more clarity and efficiency for its clients.”

“Three leaders from within KGS will head up the new structure: Linda Czajka will serve as President of Operations Management; Jennifer Roadcap will serve as President of Professional Services; and Matt Carle will serve as President as Enterprise Solutions.”

“’KGS is a fast-growing company. This reorganization will make our internal structure reflect our efficient business model,’ said KGS Chief Executive Officer Kevin Wideman. ‘Congratulations to Linda, Jennifer, and Matt on their new positions, and I look forward to seeing them grow even more.’”

“KGS’ Integrated Logistics and Operations Management operating groups will merge into the Operations Management LOB; the Strategic Information Technology, Professional Services, and Management Consulting operating groups will move into the singular Professional Services LOB; and the existing Enterprise Solutions operating group will become the Enterprise Solutions LOB. The new organizational structure will take effect on April 1.”

“KGS is a leading provider of solutions and services to federal government agencies.”

Source: Koniag Government Services to increase efficiency with new organizational structure — Koniag Government Services.



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