VA RFI: HIG21-X Security Architecture Services

Notice ID: 36C77621Q0276

This requirement involves the gathering of data and transfer of knowledge to the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Office of Health Informatics (OHI), Health Information Governance (HIG), Health Care Security (HCS) Program Office, and the VHA Security Architect. The contractor is tasked with identifying, researching, and assessing emerging technologies in the healthcare security space as potential candidates for improving the quality and efficiency of VHA healthcare. The Contractor further reviews, analyzes, and parses federal policy, regulations, and industry standards to develop security and privacy requirements to guide healthcare information technology development. And the Contractor finally develops a security architecture and strategic plan to outline the results of the above stated work and presents a plan for VHA to leverage that work. All work is completed under the auspices, and for the support, or the Health Care Security (HCS) Program Office.

In support of technology and policy interests, emerging health technology projects, programs and initiatives investigative work, the contractor shall perform targeted research, produce analysis reports and white papers; provide policy documentation support; conduct analyses of existing or best practice processes or discovery methodologies; produce processes and make recommendations to establish repeatable practices; and identify potential business requirements suggested by selected emerging technologies and policies. Analysts act as subject experts for targeted technologies and near-term and strategic teams in conducting hands-on investigations that validate or extend their investigative work.

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