VA RFI: Pharmacy Reengineering Inbound ePrescribing Clearing House Transaction Services

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0273

The Contractor shall provide Clearing House Transactions Services and support for the Inbound eRx application. This includes payment for all of the electronic transactions and the maintenance of the requisite certifications necessary to keep the Inbound eRx application online.

The Contractor shall work with VA DAS to ensure connectivity between Inbound eRx with the requisite clearing houses. In order for it to be connected with the clearing houses, Inbound eRx must be certified by NCPDP e-prescribing standards, known as SCRIPT. The SCRIPT standard defines documents for electronic transmission of medical prescriptions in the United States. When Inbound eRx obtains compliance with NCPDP SCRIPT standards, Surescripts issues a Certification of Connectivity. If and whenever a Certificate of Connectivity for VA Inbound eRx is issued by Surescripts, the Contractor shall provide the Certification of Connectivity from Surescripts for VA Inbound eRx to the COR.

The Contractor shall provide Clearing House Services and Support for the purpose of providing and maintaining connectivity between external providers and VA, as well as also providing transactions services. The Contractor shall ensure any issues related to the clearing houses are resolved and that certification is maintained during any routine maintenance patch.

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