VA Sources Sought: My HealtheVet HealtheLiving Assessment (HLA) Maintenance

Notice ID: 36C24521Q0356

“The HealtheLiving Assessment is the official name of the VA’s health risk assessment tool. This is an online assessment which collects information from a Veteran, such as health history and lifestyle habits.  This information is then used to provide personalized reports which include health status, disease risks, and recommendations for making healthy changes.  The HealtheLiving Assessment is a commercial off-the-shelf product which has been extensively customized for unique Veteran issues.  The Assessment features a proprietary metric called Health Age, summarizing the user’s biological age based on past and current health behaviors.  A Health Age older than chronological age indicates a shortened life span and opportunity for making healthy changes.”

“The following clinical products have been identified as being essential to support the clinical content and recommendations in the My HealtheVet HealtheLiving Assessment (HLA).  As such, these components form a performance work statement between the National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NCP) and the Contractor:

  1. Updated clinical question sets and section loops that reflect changing clinical evidence and new Veteran requirements and that integrate within the existing structure of the HLA traversal
  2. New clinical content, branching logic, and scoring algorithms in compliance with new or changing VA Clinical Standards of Care and Guidance Statements
  3. Updated logic risk equations that calculate and weight information provided by the user and that incorporate new data elements
  4. Risk models comprised of statistical equations that calculate risk in two components: 1) the changeable risk and 2) unchangeable risks. Risk components will be projected forward in 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50-year intervals
  5. Scoring algorithms that calculate health choice assessments based on user input
  6. Refreshed Health Age metric calculations based on the most current actuarial science and mortality risk
  7. Calculations of Health Age reductions based on specific risk factor modifications
  8. Refreshed summary and full reports which incorporate changes in preventive health recommendations”

“The proposed purchase is for a one-year firm-fixed price (FFP) contract, with four option years, for clinical maintenance in support of the HealtheLiving Assessment online assessment tool which launched March 22, 2014.”

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