VA to Award Contract for CensiTrac OR Scheduler Interface to Integrate with Cerner EHRM

Notice ID: 36C25021Q0547

“VA utilizes the comprehensive Real-Time Location System (RTLS) suite as its Instrument Tracking System (ITS). The Sterile Processing Workflow (SPW) use case is one part of the RTLS suite. VA currently uses brand name Censitrac software, manufactured by Censis Technologies, Inc, for the SPW use case. Censitrac software provides complete traceability for Dental and Medical-Surgical instruments, resulting in increased accountability of instrument set reprocessing and assembly, sterilization records management, and training (competency)/standard operating procedures (SOPs) management for sterile processing services. VA requires an OR scheduler interface to integrate with the roll-out of the new EHRM, Cerner. The Censitrac to Cerner OR Scheduler interface provides the ability to track instrument trays, and the instruments contained within them, by container names, product names, catalog numbers, suppliers, sterilization method, physician, and additional parameters. This procurement will cover CERNER EHRM (electronic health record management) / Multi Station / Training / Data Validation / Hardware (CensiTrac)…”

“The proposed source for this action is Censis Technologies, Inc. 830 Crescent Centre Drive, Franklin, TN. Censitrac software and hardware is currently integrated into the VISN 10 sites. No other brand name software is interoperable and compatible with the existing Censis Technologies proprietary database structures, protocols, software application programming interfaces, and hardware infrastructure in place. Specifically, the existing hardware infrastructure in place is all CensiTrac integrated hardware and consists of barcode scanners, handheld scanners, and workstations. No other software will work with the existing hardware due to the proprietary source code that operates in the environment…”

“Timespan will cover 04/19/21 thru 04/18/22. Per email dated 04/06/21 Contractor has offered the ability to perform a 6-month extension on the period of performance. There are many factors outside the control of Censis that could potentially delay these projects, such as Cerner or VA data transfer issues. The total estimated value of the proposed action is $179,556.00…”

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