VAntage Point: Virtual Veterans Experience Action Centers helps thousands

“Virtual Veterans Experience Action Centers, or V-VEACs, continue to improve outcomes for Veterans, family members, caregivers and survivors across the nation. The program was established to proactively assist Veterans in a selected state with a one-stop resource for all their needs.”

“The V-VEAC brings together VA benefits, healthcare and other resources in partnership with state VA resources, Rally Point and other Veteran Service Organizations, and local Community Veterans Engagement Boards, or CVEBs. This holistic approach to addressing Veterans’ needs where they live has shown remarkable results.”

“One Veteran participating in a Virtual Veterans Experience Action Center (V-VEAC) shared, ‘I am blind and found out my service dog may be eligible for veterinary service. Sox says ‘thank you.’ I have a smile on my face.’”

“While the Veterans Experience Action Centers (VEACs) began as in-person events, the ongoing pandemic pushed the evolution to a virtual version in which Veterans are assisted over the phone. Prior to the pandemic, in-person VEACs were held in North Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, and Alabama. Virtual events have been hosted in Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Arizona and Alabama. The next V-VEAC is in Arkansas, from April 6-8, 2021…”

Veteran response to these events

“An essential step in the V-VEAC process is administering a customer satisfaction survey, known as a Community Signals (CSignals) Survey. The CSignals survey allows VA and our community partners to gauge Veterans’ perception of the customer experience. To date, the results of these surveys show that 91% of participants felt they were positively impacted, and 82% of those same participants say they trust the VA and their community partners to care for the Veterans’ needs.”

“To be fair, this system isn’t perfect, and there is still room for improvement. Some Veterans were frustrated with what they perceived as long hold times on the phone, multiple transfers, or the fact that calls come in from a Washington D.C. area code and not a local number. These concerns are taken seriously, and efforts are underway to make these events even better moving forward…” Read the full article here.

Source: Virtual Veterans Experience Action Centers helps thousands — By Tony Davis, April 6, 2021. VAntage Point.



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