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With July comes vacation time for many but with the fiscal year-end on the horizon you may want to pencil in a few of these upcoming events with speakers from a variety of Federal Health agencies to ensure you are prepared for what is to come, before you run for the beach. Agencies covered include DHA, NIH, VA, FDA, HHS and CMS.

Digital Health Summit with DHA
The purpose of this one-day online event is to update attendees on the state of the DHA’s digital health strategy, its current capabilities, and its way forward.

Small Business Opportunities with Wood River Federal
Wood River Federal, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Direct Access Program, is participating in a virtual business opportunity session and is seeking small business partners with strong client relationships, program knowledge, and/or niche services.

Healthcare Strategy and Focus for the Future with VA, NIH, FDA, DHA
This two-day event will focus on changes that have been made through last year’s lessons learned; new advances in technology that were implemented and provided positive outcomes; how Government and industry are building a more resilient global Healthcare ecosystem; and the new Administration’s Healthcare strategy and focus for the future.

Vendor Outreach with HHS
This HHS OSDBU Vendor Outreach Session connects small business and Prime contractors.

Briefing Sessions with VA
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Technology Acquisition Center (TAC) will be hosting a virtual, livestreaming Advanced Planning Brief to Industry (APBI) event to offer informative briefing sessions addressing Agency acquisition and IT transformation initiatives and objectives.

LMI 1-on-1 Small Business Sessions with VA
LMI, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Direct Access Program, is participating in a virtual scheduled 1-on-1 event. LMI is interested in small businesses that have operations related several areas.

Office Hours with HHS
Registration opened May 24 for this HHS OSDBU “Office Hours” event intended to address the questions, comments and concerns of small businesses looking to do business with HHS.

AFCEA Bethesda Next Steps: Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset
During this webinar, Government IT decision makers will address the next steps agencies need to take to unlock the power of data and remain proactive and ready for future challenges.

Agency Spotlight: CMS Opportunities Deep Dive
Join G2Xchange, a service of MileMarker10, and Red Team Consulting Experts for a power session that deep dives into a trio of CMS opportunities that will discuss the technical requirements, and how CMS will likely evaluate the upcoming procurements.

2021 FedHealthIT Innovation Awards
The 7th Annual FedHealthIT Innovation Awards recognizes and honors the Federal Health technology and consulting community by celebrating programs nominated and selected by their peers for DRIVING INNOVATION and RESULTS across the Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Health, Health and Human Services, and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Tech Day with NIH
This virtual tech days allows industry the opportunity to connect with NIH personnel to showcase their capabilities.

HHS Small Business Event
This two-day Small Business National Virtual Conference is focused on Strengthening Small Businesses: From Access to Opportunity.

Vendor Outreach with HHS
Hosted by HHS Small Business Programs, this is a Monthly vendor outreach session with HHS. Registration opens June 28, 2021.

We strive to serve the busy Federal Civilian executive by uncovering key events. The annual membership fee for G2X FedCiv is worth it for this feature alone! G2Xchange FedCiv Members: Visit the main events page to browse some of the other key Federal IT events happening in the coming weeks including:

Data Management and Strategy
Transforming Healthcare with HHS
Increasing Productivity and Driving Missions Forward with RPA
Modernizing Legacy Systems with CMS
Government Procurement Industry Day
Securing Digital Healthcare Networks with VHA, CMS, FDA
Celebrating Innovative Technologies and Strategies with CMS
Security Innovation with Defense Healthcare

And many more!  Adding new events daily!




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