GAO: Priority Open Recommendations: Department of Veterans Affairs

Why GAO Did This Study

“Priority open recommendations are the GAO recommendations that warrant priority attention from heads of key departments or agencies because their implementation could save large amounts of money; improve congressional and/or executive branch decision-making on major issues; eliminate mismanagement, fraud, and abuse; or ensure that programs comply with laws and funds are legally spent, among other benefits. Since 2015 GAO has sent letters to selected agencies to highlight the importance of implementing such recommendations.”

What GAO Found

“In April 2020, GAO identified 33 priority recommendations for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Since then, VA has implemented 13 of those recommendations by, among other things, taking actions to ensure that veterans receive evidence-based mental health treatment.”

“In May 2021, GAO identified 8 additional priority recommendations for VA, bringing the total number to 28. These recommendations involve the following areas:

  • response to the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • veterans’ access to timely health care;
  • the veterans community care program;
  • human capital management;
  • information technology;
  • appeals reform for disability benefits;
  • quality of care and patient safety;
  • veteran suicide prevention;
  • efficiency within the VA health care system;
  • national policy documents;
  • procurement policies and practices; and
  • capital planning.”

“Addressing the high priority recommendations identified above has the potential to significantly improve VA’s operations, including those related to COVID-19.”

Access the full 22-page report here.

Source: Priority Open Recommendations: Department of Veterans Affairs — May 17, 2021. GAO.



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