HHS/ACF RFI: Understanding TANF and Child Support Moving Forward post COVID

RFQ ID: RFQ1489515

“This Request for Information (RFI) is issued regarding a potential Contractor to provide the support needed to examine and document the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and child support programs. It will also procure services to provide technical assistance and support to these two ACF-funded programs focused on strategies to gather input from customers to inform program improvements. Key tasks include: knowledge development; stakeholder engagement; site selection, recruitment and engagement; qualitative and rapid-cycle evaluation; and developing final reports, briefs, and program resources related to project findings.”

“The Contractor shall be responsible for:

Task 1: Communication, Management, and Planning
Subtask 1.1: Communication and Management
Subtask 1.2: Work Plan
Subtask 1.3: Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Subtask 1.4: Register Study

Task 2: Knowledge Development to Inform COVID-19 TANF Study
Subtask 2.1: Literature Scan
Subtask 2.2: Stakeholder Consultations
Subtask 2.3: Study Recommendations Memorandum

Task 3: Knowledge Development to Inform COVID-19 Child Support Study
Subtask 3.1: Literature Scan
Subtask 3.2: Stakeholder Consultations
Subtask 3.3: Study Recommendations Memorandum

Task 4: Data Collection Instruments and OMB Clearance
Subtask 4.1: Instrument Development
Subtask 4.2: OMB Clearance and IRB Approval

Task 5: COVID-19 TANF Study
Subtask 5.1: Study Preparation
Subtask 5.2: Conduct Study
Subtask 5.3: Interview and Participant Input Summaries

Task 6: COVID-19 Child Support Study
Subtask 6.1: Study Preparation
Subtask 6.2: Conduct Study
Subtask 6.3: Interview and Participant Input Summaries

Task 7: COVID-19 TANF Study Final Report

Task 8: COVID-19 Child Support Study Final Report

Task 9: Dissemination
Subtask 9.1: Services Components Description
Subtask 9.2: Dissemination Plan
Subtask 9.3: Ongoing Dissemination Activities

Task 10: Privacy and Data Security Activities and Monitoring
Subtask 10.1: Data Security Plan
Subtask 10.2: Data Security Maintenance and Annual Report

Task 11: Data Archiving
Subtask 11.1: Data Archiving Plan
Subtask 11.2: Data Archiving…

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