HHS RFQ: Support for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Data Collection Platform Services (Oracle Blockchain)


“This requirement is for professional services to support the implementation of the COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Data Collection platform using Oracle Blockchain and the associated Application Programing interface for the ingestion into HHS Protect of COVID-19 diagnostic testing data. The requirement includes optional services for support of Data Clearing House to enable generation of HealthVerity Link IDs for records submitted to the system and Oracle Cloud support.”

“The contractor shall provide the following:

  1. Oracle service support for Blockchain during the base year;
  2. Optional services to support the Data Clearinghouse effort; and,
  3. Optional services for Oracle cloud access (OCA)/Oracle PaaS and IaaS Universal Credits

Objective(s) and Outcomes

a. Oracle Blockchain service support:

The objectives of this effort are:

  • Increase the number of COVID-19 diagnostic test data collected directly for the use of
  • predictive analysis and dashboarding at HHS;
  • Establish a system that will ensure data ingested are as complete and as accurate as possible, following the predefined HHS standards;
  • Create a standard method(s) that can be provided to all interested data providers for diagnostic data submission;
  • Create a standard method for disseminating the data collected to HHS Protect and possibly states and jurisdictions across United States;
  • Ensure confidentiality, immutability, integrity, and availability for all data stored and transmitted using this platform;
  • This system shall accommodate the following:
    • Ingest data from laboratory systems and points of care
    • Support federal COVID-19 surveillance
    • Support (if needed) state and local COVID-19 data collections
    • Interface with multiple applications ecosystems
    • Comply with HHS technology, security, data and interoperability, identity management, accessibility, and service desk requirements.

To meet these objectives, the Contractor shall provide the appropriate resources to implement the data collection system. These services should include:

  • Project management services for the Blockchain planning.
  • Move/migrate applications and databases from (HHS Blockchain) Pilot environment to Production environment (OCI/Oracle cloud Infrastructure Government Cloud (FedRAMP High) architecture)
  • Blockchain technology recommendations and industry standard practices for the implementation and/incorporation of Oracle Blockchain.
  • Design and development services for the Blockchain application using the Oracle Blockchain platform hosted in OCI Government Cloud.
  • Implementation of the identity and single sign on and integration with the Oracle Blockchain platform.
  • Implementation of the Oracle database as the supporting repository for the Oracle…

b. Data Clearinghouse (DCH) Optional Services

c. Cloud Services – Optional Services

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