In advance of new contract VA awards 4-month Standards & Interoperability Support Stop-Gap bridge contract

Notice ID 36C77621P0082

Contract Award Number: 36C77621P0082

Task/Delivery Order Number: 36C77621P0082

“The Veterans Health Administration, Program Contracting Activity Central (PCAC) proposes to negotiate a sole source four (4) month bridge contract as a continuation of Integrated Health Standards Support Services for the Clinical Informatics and Data Management Office (CIDMO), Knowledge Based Systems (KBS), Standards and Interoperability (S&I) Division until a long term IDIQ contract can be established and awarded. The purpose of this contract is to act as a stop gap measure while the office finalizes and solicits the competitive acquisition under Request for Information (RFI) 36C77621Q0007. The initial IDIQ contract was a noncompetitive award (sole source) to Book Zurman, Inc. This contract will be a logical follow on bridge contract to replace contract # VA701-16-D-0017, that has a performance period ending May 17, 2021. The anticipated period of performance of the logical follow on bridge contract is from May 18, 2021 to September 17, 2022. The total estimated value of this award is $717,368.08.”

“This effort is a short-term bridge between KBS S&I’s Integrated Health Standards Support (IHSS) Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) (vehicle ordering limit will be reached on 29 April 2021) and the comprehensive, longer-term follow-on IDIQ. Given the very limited time and urgent need to avoid a gap in service and support, the only way to continue seamless office initiative activity in the short-term (while awaiting the competitive acquisition) is to sole source to the current active vendor, Book Zurman, Inc. This sole source will encompass fixed-price contract line items (CLINs) from the scope of the current IDIQ task order activity and will be a continuation of services in the areas of: Program/Project Management and Knowledge Management (e.g. program management reviews, ongoing standards education, etc.), Industry Standards Development and Engagement (e.g. in-process specifications with the Object Management Group, in-process implementation guidance at Health Level 7, etc.), Interoperability Strategy and Architecture (in-process development of the Interoperable VA Blueprint, etc.), and Health IT Standards Advancement within the VA (standards adoption and implementation support to various project teams across the enterprise).

“KBS S&I currently has several industry projects (in particular with HL7 and OMG BPM+) for which Book Zurman subject matter experts are documented standards authors/leads on behalf of the VA. Additionally, Book Zurman experts are currently deeply embedded in no less than four (4) VA projects in which they are directly supporting imminent standards needs that are critical to the success of those projects. Having a gap in service, due to timeline challenges with the competitive acquisition package, would result in negative impacts to the critical path of all S&I initiatives.”

“VA will continue to perform market research in attempts to find other sources before exercising options and or soliciting new awards for the same or similar future acquisitions of the services being acquired.”

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