VA awards Allen Technologies Interactive Patient System Management IDIQ

Notice ID: 36C26221Q0219

Award Number: 36C26221D0020

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Network Contracting Office (NCO) 22, hereby submits a notice of intent to award a sole source IDIQ, fixed-price contract for the maintenance and support of the Allen Technologies Interactive Patient System with an SDVOSB contractor, Alvarez LLC.  Alvarez is the sole approved software manufacture to provide service on behalf of Allen Technologies. The period of performance for this effort will be for a base period of twelve months and four-one-year option period.”

“The intent of this procurement is to provide installation and maintenance of the interactive patient system in an end-to-end manner, meaning from the server room all the way to the end-user device/ patient’s room. This requires that everything happens under one procurement, including work and installation of conduit where necessary.”

“This service will require 1. an onsite maintenance technician, 2. the monthly cost of cable, 3.the programing of the cable channels to provide patient education and information such as; training videos to include drug interaction, slip/trip/fall videos, medical materials and instructional videos, 4. VPN tunnel 5. VistA integration, and 6. maintenance and replacement of damaged equipment. The contractor is required to have an established Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) and approved VPN tunnel with the VA, in order to provide services…”

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