VA Sources Sought: Software Development for Novel Virtual Cognitive Rehabilitation (VCR) Program

Notice ID: 36C25821Q0185

“The Phoenix VA Health Care System has a requirement for software development of Developing and Testing a Novel Virtual Cognitive Rehabilitation Program to Alleviate Persistent Cognitive Dysfunction Following Traumatic Brain Injury.  The scope of this services contract is to assist in the translation of laboratory cognitive rehabilitation protocols to a virtual reality platform for human use. To translate our laboratory protocols into clinical utility, the Virtual Cognitive Rehabilitation (VCR) program must first be developed. The VCR program will be a virtual reality environment that passively activates the memory circuit as an individual navigates the novel environments (e.g. town, mall, high school, airport) in the same manner that the rodent memory system is engaged by our Peg Forest cognitive rehabilitation. The VCR program involves exploration of the 3D virtual environment and once the environment has been significantly investigated, subjects will be prompted with a task (e.g., visit three locations in sequential order). Before therapeutic efficacy can be tested, verified, and validated, the program must be designed, developed, and deployed…”

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