Chief Veterans Experience Officer discusses CX, HCD role in VA’s dramatic increase in trust scores

“New data from the Veterans Experience Office at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) says 79% of veterans trust the agency. Trust of the VA from veterans is up 24% from 2016.

  • John Boerstler, chief veterans experience officer at the VA, said the VSignals Survey, which the department has been issuing since 2016, shows a dramatic increase trust from respondents.
  • Boerstler said his office is using the survey data along with human-centered design, which prioritizes user feedback, to gain insight into the needs of veterans, families, caregivers and survivors based on age, gender and other demographics.
  • The department is also asking customers about their experience getting a vaccine at VA facilities nationwide in order to improve design for future vaccination efforts, such as for possible booster shots…” Watch the video here.

Source: Department of Veterans Affairs has seen dramatic increase in trust scores – June 13, 2021. Government Matters.



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