DOT FAA to award Office of Aerospace Medicine/Electronic Medical Record (EMR) contract

Notice ID: 6973GH-21-F-XXXXX-GS-35F-0032U

“The CAMI Occupational Health Clinic and HQ Health Unit currently use a legacy system called the Clinic Health Awareness Program Subsystem (CHAPS) to enter patient visit information.  This system is obsolete, does not meet the requirements of the two offices, and will be decommissioned in the next two years, so a new solution must be found.”

“This acquisition outlines the purchase of COTS EMR software.  The Contractor must deliver, install, migrate legacy data to new system, and provide appropriate commercial training for the end-users…”

“Not set-aside:  Single Source Justification Firm Fixed Price to Cority Software Inc.”

“Cority is the only one out of market research analysis that is listed as FedRamp Ready and has the Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Modules.”

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