Healthcare IT News: Cerner, Meditech to support record-sharing via Apple

“Several electronic health records over the past week have announced that their customers can enable greater patient control over record-sharing via the Apple Health app.”

“Cerner, Meditech Expanse, Allscripts, athenahealth and DrChrono are all among the companies that are working with Apple to facilitate more seamless data exchange.”

“‘For too long our industry has worked in silos, and patients have been left out of the decision as to who has access to their health records and when,’ said Meditech Executive Vice President Helen Waters in a statement.”

“‘Patient empowerment is an important element to any successful interoperability strategy,’ she said.”


“Earlier this month, Apple made waves throughout the health IT industry with its announcements at its annual developer conference about forthcoming wellness features.”

“These included walking stability assessments and new tracking tools, along with new EHR vendor integrations.”

“According to Cerner and Meditech, starting this fall patients can share information from the Health app – including activity, heart rate and sleep cycle tracking – with providers, who can then view it via an EHR-housed dashboard.”

“Providers can then more easily review trends and changes over time, say the companies. They also have the opportunity (with permission) to review patient-shared data from the Apple Watch and a variety of third-party apps and connected devices.”

“Patients, meanwhile, can access their allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures and vitals directly within the Health app…” Read the full article here.

Source: Cerner, Meditech to support record-sharing via Apple – By Kat Jercich, June 14, 2021. Healthcare IT News.



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