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6 Successful Pre-Award Protests Challenging Solicitation Terms and Key Takeaways
It’s no secret that doing business with the Federal Government involves a complex system of law and regulation. Indeed, many successful Government contractors will happily explain that part of their success stems from quickly learning how to use all of the tools in the proverbial procurement toolbox. Interestingly, one tool that contractors appear to be using more often is the pre-award protest.

Meet DC Metro’s Fastest-Growing Federal Health Private Companies Recognized by Inc.
Inc. 5000 recently released its list of the Top 250 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the Washington, D.C., Metro Area. Inc noting: “The companies that made our ranking set a high bar. In a period when so many businesses lack clarity, these leaders are bound to be the first to get to tomorrow.”

Winner Video: 2021 Change Agents Shifting the Landscape Honorees
This award recognizes Federal IT and Consulting leaders from both industry and Government who are working every day to take calculated risks and positively disrupt the Federal market, while having a measurable impact on the culture and the important missions of the organizations they serve.

3 Not So Obvious Reasons Feds Are Consuming More Enterprise IT-as-a-Service
Besides agility, scalability, and fee model, there are three (3) not so obvious reasons US Government agencies are shifting to and consuming more EITaaS including agency programs in Healthcare, homeland security, defense, intelligence, and most mission communities.

How’s the Market? – More IT jobs in the region today than pre-COVID
One of the greatest advantages we have working in Federal Health IT is that the mission to improve our nation’s Healthcare system is one that is tremendously attractive for those looking for meaning from work, but working from a small supply of candidates constrains any search. Is there more demand than supply?

Expanding Interoperability at the Federal Health Level in the Wake of COVID-19
Interoperability: A goal across the Healthcare industry for decades. What are the challenges facing interoperability and what can Federal agencies do?

2021 FedHealthIT Innovation Award Winners Announced
The 7th Annual FedHealthIT Innovation Awards recognizes and honors the Federal Health technology and consulting community by celebrating programs nominated and selected by their peers for Driving Innovation and Results across the Department of Veterans Affairs, Military Health, Health and Human Services, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Democratization of AI – A Strategic View for Health IT
Currently the Chief Strategy Officer at SBG Technology Solutions, Inc., Robert Gordon, is helping to introduce and implement Artificial Intelligence (AI) in truly transformative ways across the IT industry. In this second article about AI for G2X, he shares further thoughts regarding the Democratization of AI and its impact on the Health IT Community.

The Mystery of Contracting Officer’s Best Value Decisions and Tips for Moving Your Proposal Forward
In the movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy was quite surprised when she found out who the Wizard really was. Although he was hiding behind a curtain – a little unusual in the business world – the secrecy of his thoughts and decision making are not much different from industry’s view of Source Selection Officials and Contracting Officers’ Best Value award decisions.

Software Factories – The Answer for Federal Health Agencies
This article by VMware discusses why IT modernization needs to be accompanied by organizational and process changes; how current efforts can achieve better mission outcomes; and how software factories may be the answer for Federal health.

Successful IT Modernization for Government Relies on Human-Centered Culture
A recent Government Executive survey found nearly six in 10 respondents said the pandemic had a “major” or “extreme” impact on Government agencies’ operations. The need for successful IT modernization efforts is more critical than ever–but for IT to have maximum effect, Federal agencies must ensure a fertile foundation both organizationally and culturally.

How to Successfully Support a Federal Government Project
Every project has an end, but where are you supposed to start? Project management has varying approaches and often takes on different styles, but the end game is always clear; deliver for your stakeholders.

Solving Challenges with AI and Data Innovation for Federal Health Agencies including CMS
Certain Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) programs require Medicare independent review analysts to be responsible for making final determination efforts for claims where Medicare has funding allocated for coverage. To make an appropriate determination, a labor-intensive review process is conducted that can consist of hours spent sorting page by page through documents such as treatment summaries, submitter reports, decision rationales, carrier letters, primary care reports, and more.

Helping the VA Become a High-Reliability Organization
Last year, the Veteran’s Administration (VA) began its journey to become a High-Reliability Organization or HRO. Nuclear power and aviation are examples of industries that have applied HRO principles to achieve minimal errors, despite highly hazardous and unpredictable conditions. This podcast with Dr. Himanshu Singh, the Chief Health Informatics Officer at DSS, Inc., discusses this topic.

An FDA Look at Challenges in Health Laboratory Data Interoperability
In early June of last year, HHS announced new laboratory data reporting guidance for COVID-19, citing LOINC In Vitro Diagnostic (LIVD) as the authoritative source of coding for COVID-19 testing. Dr. Greg Pappas, Associate Director for National Device Surveillance, Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Food & Drug Administration discusses how the LIVD catalog improved public health reporting for COVID-19 test results.

Insight into the VA’s Digital Transformation Strategy An Excerpt from the Disruptive Tech Summit
During our Disruptive Tech Summit, VA Acting Assistant Secretary for Information and Technology and Chief Information Officer, Dominic Cussatt, shared an update on VA’s digital transformation strategy. Listen in to hear how VA is adapting and utilizing disruptive technologies as a force multiplier to scale and meet the needs of today’s Veterans through IT modernization, strategic sourcing, DevSecOps, and more!

Building Resilience through IT and Digital Transformation
In this episode, MileMarker10’s Megan Murray speaks with Art delaCruz, President and COO of Team Rubicon. Listen in as they discuss how Team Rubicon successfully mobilized to respond to COVID-19, the importance of building to scale, and how they leveraged their enterprise management system and digital transformation to “get to yes” and broaden their impact.

How the Federal IT Community can engage with military-connected entrepreneurs
MileMarker10’s Megan Murray speaks with Blake Hogan, CEO of Bunker Labs, to discuss his journey from Marine to entrepreneur, debunk common misconceptions of being a business person, and explore how the Federal IT Community can engage with military-connected entrepreneurs.

An Inside Look at the State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare
Throughout the pandemic, every industry had its share of challenges. Companies across the spectrum of industries moved mountains to keep the lights on, keep the economy going, and adjust to a dramatic change in how business got done.



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