NIH Sources Sought: Professional development support services

Notice ID: NIH-OLAO-OD3-NOI6007472-01

“NIGMS needs to obtain a contract to complete the following specific tasks

  • Task 1: Provide Contract/Project Management and Planning Support
  • Task 2: Schedule, conduct, and document interviews with CEC Leadership
  • Task 3: Establish and Manage Technical Work Group
  • Task 4: Conduct Analyses of Survey Instruments, Data, Methods”

“NIGMS is seeking technical and methodological review of its evaluation tools and strategies, and anticipates needing expertise in survey methodology, biomedical workforce development, and biostatistics. In consultation with NIGMS and the CEC, RLA will convene a technical work group (TWG) with the requisite background (e.g., survey methodology, psychometrics, survey design, workplace diversity) to complete this review, and recommend any improvements to the data collection process and prioritizing Hallmarks of Success.”

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