NIH Sources Sought: Scientific, Programming, and Analytical Support for the SEER-MHOS Data Resource

Notice ID: 75N91021R00048

The SEER-MHOS data resource is a 10 year, ongoing collaborative effort between NCI and CMS that links SEER data with MHOS surveys and other Medicare data (Medicare Advantage enrollment, Part D drug claims). This unique, publicly accessible data resource offers investigators an opportunity to examine health outcomes and care delivery research questions for Medicare Advantage beneficiaries with cancer and to compare to those without a diagnosis of cancer. The SEER-MHOS linkage is updated on a biennial basis, and NCI is scheduled to complete the next linkage in FY 2021.


The purpose of this solicitation is to obtain specialized analytic data support to demonstrate the utility of recent SEER-MHOS data expansions and to investigate new methodological approaches taking advantage of the MHOS repeated multi-cohort design.


The Contractor shall provide specialized analytic support (described in detail below) for the data resource, NCI-directed SEER-MHOS studies, publications, and presentations. In addition, the Contractor shall also support targeted dissemination of methodological guidance and training materials.

Throughout the duration of the contract, the Contractor shall be responsible for knowing current CMS and NCI privacy and confidentiality regulations related to access to and use of these data and comply with all requirements. The Contractor shall issue Data Use Agreements and any other data security documents required by NCI to access the data. All data collection procedures and data storage shall also comply with all HIPAA requirements of the Federal Government.

Provide scientific expertise, technical assistance, programming, and analytical assistance to support extramural investigators using the publicly accessible SEER-MHOS data resource.

Provide summary statistics and evaluate the quality of recent data additions to the resource (e.g., Part D Claims, Urban/Rurality indices);

Provide guidance on requests from researchers on specialized topics related to new data additions (expected volume to be an average of 3 inquiries per month);

Utilize scientific expertise in Part D claims data, longitudinal/cohort survey design methodology, and geocoding expertise to complete 2-3 projects focused on enhancing use of the data source for users. (Task examples: comprehensive guidance and statistical code to conduct propensity scoring to enhance cancer to non-cancer comparisons, generating a MHOS specific 5% all cancer sample, providing re-norming information for The Veterans RAND 12 Item Health Survey (VR-12) composite scores to improve interpretation.)

Prepare web-based and user-friendly guidance to highlight and assist extramural SEER-MHOS users of recent additions to the data resource, based on technical content provided by NCI or developed under this contract, including: A) 2-3 web-based (e.g. PDF) technical guidance documents of approximately 2-4 pages; and B) 2-3 web-based training videos of approximately 2-4 minutes (e.g. slide show presentation with voiceover); C) Support content development for a 45-min SEER-MHOS informational webinar.

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