Press Release: VA National Artificial Intelligence Institute award winners of AI Tech Sprint

“Winners of the Department of Veterans Affairs 2020-2021 Artificial Intelligence Tech Sprint are six tech companies that created programs aimed at preventing Veteran suicide and improving their health care using the latest AI technology.”

“VA’s National Artificial Intelligence Institute competition encourages innovators to develop ways to improve services for Veterans.”

“National AI Tech Sprint award recipients include:

  • First place and $50,000 to Behavidence for a smartphone application that monitors Veteran activity, categorizes users by similar behavior and flags for follow-up those at increased risk for suicide.
  • Second place and $25,000 to SoKat Consulting, LLC, for creating a chatbot that can integrate with VA’s Blue Button medical records access. The chatbot can help Veterans get answers to questions and better understand their health care between visits.
  • Third place and $10,000 to General Dynamics IT for an algorithm that can classify skin lesions and help medical staff determine if the quality of an image is good enough to make a skin cancer diagnosis.”

“VA also gave $5,000 awards to JumpStartCSR for an app that integrates with physical therapy to prevent and treat injuries; HIVE Lab at George Washington University for an app that helps Veterans manage conditions such as diabetes by personalizing treatments based on gut microbiome; and Ouva, LLC for a platform that helps clinicians better monitor vital signs and other health care issues for patients in isolation.”

“The intent of the sprint is to match the private sector with Veterans, VA clinicians and other experts who mentor the companies to brainstorm solutions and new ideas over a three-month period. VA will further evaluate the best ideas and products to potentially adopt at pilot sites and then roll out nationwide…” Read the full press release here.

Source: VA National Artificial Intelligence Institute award winners of AI Tech Sprint – June 28, 2021. VA.



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