VA RFI: Health Services DevSecOps

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0410

The Contractor shall provide shippable products, operations support, and security compliance for the Health Services Portfolio.  A shippable product is defined as health services related software, code or interface that has been deployed to a production like environment, validated through testing, monitored for resiliency, and determined to be operable and available for customers.  This support includes all development, testing, integration, architecture (with concurrence from enterprise and product line architecture), refactoring as needed, and all ongoing planned and unplanned operations and maintenance support to include predictive, preventative, corrective, and evolutionary through a cycle of Continuous Integration…

The Contractor shall provide subject matter expertise in and utilize SAFe for product management to deliver iteratively and incrementally and regularly produce high quality results in a cost effective, timely, and highly collaborative manner via the DevSecOps value-driven lifecycle.  This requires the Contractor to coordinate and maintain open lines of communication with VA interface development experts, other VA organizations, and multiple consumers within the contracts.  The Contractor shall apply a DevSecOps approach that unifies software development, security, and operations; mandates collaboration across multiple IT functional divisions; prioritizes ongoing solution-oriented communication between the business and the IT organization; and develop, deliver, enhance, and manage applications and infrastructure for the business and supporting products…

The Contractor shall support the advancement of the maturity of the Health Services Product Lines through compliance with the DevSecOps process, SAFe implementation and/or other OIT initiatives.  To complete this task, the Contractor shall provide a senior team of subject matter experts to support the integration and oversight of capabilities within the Product Line value stream through collaboration with relevant stakeholders and partners.  Additionally, the Contractor shall support planning across interdependent systems to mitigate technical risk and improve integration with business processes and other VA products and enterprise services.  As part of this task, the Contractor shall manage the following processes:

  • Assist in defining new application implementation requirements, to include the generation of Epics and translation to Features and User Stories which make up the Product Roadmap and Product Increment Plans while mitigating dependencies between them.
  • Consolidate requirements or sequencing to generate product line efficiencies.
  • Understand future state requirements for a successful implementation of new applications in VA and identify impacts to legacy or dependent systems.
  • Provide guidance on dependencies between implementation requirements within and outside the product to reduce risk as new capabilities are introduced and current systems are retired.
  • Identify and analyze the systems targeted for integration and the design and technologies needed to implement them.
  • Assist with database solutions and designs for data migrations for implementations at VA sites.
  • Provide product line and Health Services Portfolio-level analyses of risks and issues to identify trends and possible opportunities for responses and mitigations at and above the product line level.
  • Understand current and future state data flows, networking, cybersecurity, and infrastructure requirements…

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