VA RFI: Product Assurance and Automation Services

Notice ID: 36C10B21Q0388

“The Office of Information and Technology (OIT) Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO) supports development and solutions management among related competencies. Specialized competencies are blended among several technical disciplines, anticipating that individuals will “wear multiple hats” to satisfy contract requirements.  Accordingly, the Contractor shall meet VA program manager and COR requirements for strong technical expertise as described and be capable of full performance of identified functions. Required services include specialized support for the OIT EPMO enterprise in developing, delivering, and maintaining VA IT products.”

“The Product Assurance and Automation Support (PAAS) effort seeks to modernize and automate targeted activities using IT industry innovations in Continuous Integration – Continuous Delivery (CI-CD) and automation to develop frameworks with processes, tools, and standards.  Frameworks will serve as learning environments for experimentation, piloting, automating all or partial development, test, and deployment process segments, and automating previously manual services.  The PWS seeks leverage product/software configuration management and testing to evolve automation and product capabilities. The PWS shall include assistance with strategy, services, frameworks, models, techniques, and environments.”

“The Contractor shall provide product assurance and automation support services to the EPMO.  The support services shall include program support/project management, risk/issue management, key personnel recruitment, product assurance program services, product assurance support, and automation pathway services…”

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