CDC RFQ: STI Treatment Guidelines Mobile Applications

RFQ ID: RFQ1506790

“[The Division of Sexually Transmitted Diseases] needs expert IT services, specifically in mobile application development (Android and iOS) and web development (with Cloud experience), to complete testing and development of the apps and web-based administrative backend panel that are currently in development but not yet launched, ensuring required functionality (Appendix A, Functional Requirements) within the scope of defined technical specifications (Appendix B, Technical Specifications) and to maintain the applications and backend panel…”

Testing, development and production of mobile apps and backend panel

4.1.1 Enter the new 2021 STI Treatment Guidelines and all other relevant text provided by CDC into the backend panel.

4.1.1.i Proofread all content entered into the backend panel to ensure accuracy, consistency, and completeness when compared to the new STI Treatment Guidelines.

4.1.2 Conduct end-to-end testing of existing mobile apps and backend panel to meet functional and nonfunctional requirements (Appendix A) and technical specifications (Appendix B).

4.1.2.i Ensure that the content entered into the backend panel is accurately and completely reflected in the mobile apps.

4.1.2.ii Invite users to test the apps, per instructions and contact information provided by CDC.

4.1.3 Provide CDC’s OADC with the app stores’ icon and language (to be provided by CDC).4.1.4 Finalize the source code for the STI Tx Guidelines mobile apps in iOS and Android and the backup panel, ensuring required functionality (Appendix A) within the scope of defined technical specifications (Appendix B).

4.1.4.i Final source code shall be provided in CDC’s bitbucket (git source code repository)

4.1.4.ii The apps must comply with all CDC requirements for Section 508, content clearance, and privacy and security.

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