CMS Draft RFQ: CCSQ ServiceNow Development BPA

RFQ ID: RFQ1504380

“The purpose of this BPA is to provide a user-centric, timely, and cost effective method for procuring expert information technology services to support Center for Clinical Standards and Quality (CCSQ) ServiceNow processes and services, using agile development iterations and methodology.”

“Obtaining these services will allow for CCSQ ServiceNow processes and services to be enhanced and maintained as necessary to support not only CCSQ Quality Related Initiatives, but other Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) components when appropriate…”

“The fundamental scope of the single award CCSQ ServiceNow Development BPA is to provide a commercial, streamlined process to support CMS quality-related initiatives with ServiceNow needs. This includes but is not limited to agile delivery services such as UX Design, Business Analysis, Development, Integration, Data Management and Securitization, Agile Process Support, Information Technology Governance and Training, and Release Management and Development Support beneath 8a. ”

“These services will be available to:

  • CMS components with a quality-related initiative;
  • Federal agency partners sharing a collaborative CMS quality related initiative need;
  • All CMS components outside of CCSQ, of which the CCSQ ServiceNow instance provides the best solution as determined by CMS stakeholders.”

“The CCSQ ServiceNow BPA Contractor must be able to implement applications, platforms, IT development services and products, utilize End User Experience (UX) Design thinking and agile software development processes that achieve results through continuous capability enhancements, minimal downtime, prompt response to emerging needs, demonstrated reliability, and optimized performance with resource utilization minimized…”

“The objective of the single award CCSQ ServiceNow BPA is to advance and fortify CMS quality-related ServiceNow development through the assimilation of the agile methodology by acquiring agile delivery services for the CMS enterprise through the award of a single award BPA under FAR Part 8. These services will directly drive the delivery of ServiceNow development within rapid timeframes based upon consistent architecture and following standardized development guidelines to promote functionality and reuse across CCSQ/CMS…”

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