DHA Sources Sought: Operational Medicine Data Service

Notice ID: HT0038-22-R-JOMIS1

JOMIS is providing an attached overview of a potential requirement related to the Operational Medicine Data Service. JOMIS is in the research phase of this requirement and is seeking Industry feedback on potential solutions.

OMDS will establish an extensible, scalable technical infrastructure aligning with DoD’s move toward data-centricity. The development of adaptive services will give JOMIS the flexibility to onboard new solutions to support advanced data analytics (NLP, AI, ML). OMDS will scale according to demand, leveraging cloud-native services and toolsets.

JOMIS requires a modernized, innovative OpMed data-centric solution to make data visible, accessible, understandable, trusted and interoperable for use by solutions to support the warfighter and other operational stakeholders.

OMDS requests Industry to provide an innovative, forward leaning, extensible set of solutions addressing the following key Functional and Technical requirements.

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