DHA to Award Bridge Contract for Enterprise Electronic Fax-as-a-Service (eFaaS) Phase II

Notice ID: JA-21-0191B

“This pay for service, O&M contract is to provide an electronic secure communication capability that can support sending and receiving of faxes sent or received to a specific “facsimile” number.  Faxes received will be forwarded to a specified Government email address or distribution list.  For the users of this service, faxes can be initiated by sending it to an email address that includes the designated “facsimile” number and attachment(s).  The base period of performance will start 01 Sept 21 through 28 Feb 22 with two (2) additional three (3)-month optional periods from 01 Mar 22 to 31 May 22 and 01 June 22 to 31 Aug 22.”

“Rationale Justifying Use of the Statutory Authority Cited: The contract for the existing service is currently under Army. Since the Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) have moved under DHA, Army will no longer support this service for DHA Referral Management. Additionally, other Services would like to utilize this contract once the DHA’s realignment is completed. This electronic Fax-as-a-Service has provided significant savings due to reduced manpower to support the Referral Management workflow.”

“The current contract for the Army ends on 30 Sep 21. Starting 1Q FY21, the program office has been working with the functional community to determine the enterprise requirements and review all options that will provide the most cost-effective solution. However, this analysis is still on-going. Therefore, an interim contract is required for the continuation of eFaaS services that are currently on the Army contract (W9124J-16-F-0017) to avoid disruption in services…”

“Market research was conducted as part of the Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) on March 12, 2021. The program office with the support of the Technology Support Branch (TSB) reviewed eight (8) commercial service providers as well as investigated other DHA internal solutions. Based on the research, no DHA internal solution currently meets all the requirements. The commercial providers were determine by industry reports (e.g. Gartner, Forrester, etc.) and interviews with company representatives. While many of the commercial service providers can meet the requirements, none of them have gone through DoD cyber security assessment. This assessment typically takes six months if it a privately hosted solution or over 2 years if it is a cloud based solution. It was determined none of the other commercially available offerings can reasonably meet the date need to have the service ready to complete transition before the end of Army contract to avoid service disruption on September 30, 2021…”

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