Digital Medicine Society: The role of the VHA in driving successful digital innovation

“… On June 16, 2021, the Veteran’s Health Administration (VHA), in partnership with the Digital Medicine Society (DiMe), hosted the inaugural Digital Health Symposium, “Evaluating and Adopting Digital Health Technologies for Veteran-centered Care”. The symposium convened Veteran patient voices alongside VHA leadership and both clinical and Veteran innovators from different offices and across the country…”

“These powerful solutions taught us that the innovation process is not a one-stop-shop. The VHA is the largest, integrated healthcare system in the U.S. It is a complex federal healthcare system where barriers to innovation are perceived as higher than in the private sector. There is a need for a robust foundation and an intentional approach — to develop and deploy the digital health solutions that are accessible, effective, efficient, and equitable. As the U.S. healthcare system envisions to build innovative health solutions using the emerging digital tools, all stakeholders in healthcare innovation are responsible for implementing the following learnings from the symposium:

  • Early engagement of key stakeholders (Veterans, clinicians, etc.) is critical for digital health innovation
  • Most innovations don’t succeed in isolation
  • Operationalizing radical innovation requires a well-designed plan
  • Treat innovation as a marathon, not as a sprint
  • Technology doesn’t discriminate — and neither should our innovations…” Read the full article here.

Source: The role of the VHA in driving successful digital innovation – By Smit Patel and Jennifer Goldsack, July 27, 2021. Digital Medicine Society.



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