Federal News Network: 5 more takeaways from VA’s EHR strategic review

“The Department of Veterans Affairs this week revealed a wide array of findings about its electronic health record modernization project, a massive effort that began in Spokane, Washington nine months ago.”

“VA officials at the time said the initial roll-out went ‘extremely well,’ but the department’s recent strategic review suggests otherwise.”

“The department released a comprehensive lessons learned report, a 36-page document that describes its findings and reactions from the 12-week review.”

“It’s packed with tidbits about the current status of the project, but anyone looking for specific dates about VA’s next deployments will walk away disappointed.”

“The department will no longer deploy the EHR based on its original, geographically-based timeline. Instead, it will make decisions about future deployments after reviewing data and evidence from individual facilities, which must first show they have the infrastructure in place to support the new EHR.”

“Initially, VA was planning to implement the new record next to its Columbus, Ohio facility and other locations in the Pacific Northwest.”

“But earlier this week, VA Secretary Denis McDonough told Congress the department won’t go live at any new sites until it resolves challenges with billing, access and patient safety…” Read the full article here.

Source: 5 more takeaways from VA’s EHR strategic review – By Nicole Ogrysko, July 15, 2021. Federal News Network.



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