Federal Telemedicine News: HHS IT Plan Discusses 5 goals

“According to Perryn B. Ashmore, HHS Chief Information Officer, the HHS IT Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years (FY) 2021-2023 represents the Department’s ambitions to deliver core technology functions with greater agility, security, and effectiveness now and in the future.”

“The HHS IT FY 2021-2023 Plan focuses on five core goals:

  • Goal 1 requires the agency to create a highly skilled, diverse, and agile IT savvy organization able to use emerging technologies and innovations to accelerate technology opportunities across the agency
  • Goal 2’s objective is to not only research, pilot, and test new ideas, but also to partner with private industry and external agencies to augment the department’s R&D. Modernization and be innovative to drive cost savings, reduce new system adoption time, increase interoperability, improve security, enhance collaboration, and improve customer focus
  • Goal 3’s goal to enhance data and interoperability which will require reevaluating technologies and policies, standards to improve data reuse and interoperability. HHS intends to establish data sharing and interoperability standards, models, assets, and platforms across the agency as well as with academic institutions, other federal agencies, state and local government agencies, public health institutions, and the public
  • Goal 4 is to improve management and governance to enable greater flexibility to procure and manage IT investments and services
  • Goal 5 is to strengthen cybersecurity so HHS is to better able to detect and respond to cyber threats…” Read the full article here.

Source: HHS IT Plan Discusses 5 goals – By Carolyn Bloch, July 12, 2021. Federal Telemedicine News.



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