Government Matters Video: Department of Veterans Affairs will use “transformation fund” in 2022

“The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will spend more money than Congress gives it this year on information technology. The VA can spend money this year it’s been stashing for IT for the last five years.

  • Jim Gfrerer, former chief information officer at the VA Office of Information and Technology and now principal at Fidelis Technology, said the department will use money from its transformation fund, zero-year dollars that can go towards a range of activities, to reduce technical debt in 2022.
  • Gfrerer said this raises the question of why this money is not built into the base budget.
  • In general, it is important to have strong governance with supporting entities, identify true lifecycle costs and align them across respective budget lines, advised Gfrerer…” Watch the video here.

Source: Department of Veterans Affairs will use “transformation fund” in 2022 – July 20, 2021. Government Matters.



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