Health Affairs: To Transform Veterans Health Care for the Next Generation, We should learn from TRICARE

“In previous posts, we reviewed challenges facing the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), explored long-term solutions to improve veterans’ health benefits and care delivery, and explained how creating a managed competition Marketplace—the Veterans Health Advantage Program (VHAP)—would expand veterans’ health care choices and access. In this post, we review the evolution of the Military Health System (MHS) and the TRICARE program, point out similarities and differences between the military and veterans’ health care systems, and describe how models used successfully in the MHS can help advance the VHA’s transformation. Finally, we discuss next steps that the VHA and Congress should undertake to modernize veterans’ health care for the next generation…” Read the full article here.

Source: To Transform Veterans Health Care For The Next Generation, We Should Learn From TRICARE – By Brian J. Miller, Jennifer Slota, Theresa Cullen, Boris Lushniak and Gail R. Wilensky, July 26, 2021. Health Affairs.



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