HHS RFQ: FSAP Information Technology Services (eFSAP and eIPP Systems) Support

RFQ ID: RFQ1502869

“The purpose of this task order is to provide support for FSAP for continued enhancements and support for the eFSAP and eIPP programs, CDC/DSAT, USDA/DASAT, and all internal and external users of the eFSAP and eIPP systems.”

“The program requires information technology services to assist in meeting its obligations and responsibilities under Federal legislation and executive orders. The primary requirement will be to provide annual development and modification services to the electronic Federal Select Agent Program (eFSAP) and electronic Import Permit Program (eIPP) systems.”

“Given the pace of change in the information technology marketplace and federal regulations, the contractor shall continuously seek ways to incorporate innovative and emerging technologies that in the most economic and efficient manner improves system and mission performance. The requested changes and enhancements will be comprised of user stories as noted in the scope section and meet evolving requirements while leveraging Agile best practices in software development including progressive elaboration of user story acceptance criteria, human-centered design, and with an extensible infrastructure and robust communication between the product sponsor and the project team…”

“The contractor shall provide the following services in support of this task order:

  1. Develop and deliver improvements and enhancements to the IT eFSAP and eIPP information systems to meet the customer’s needs.
  2. Develop a project plan and schedule to complete all activities documented within task order.
  3. Oversee project to HHS and CPR Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) standards.
  4. Gather and document detailed requirements and needed improvements and enhancements.
  5. Assist with prioritizing and associating requirements into quarterly sprint development cycle.
  6. Based on prioritization approval and sprint assignment by the Government, contractor shall provide consulting services to design, develop, test, train, and implement requirements into quarterly releases.
  7. Provide functionality testing based on user stories to ensure maximum operational efficiency.
  8. Create and update detailed documentation to reflect new or updated information.
  9. Provide escalated support to operations and maintenance teams of eFSAP and eIPP information systems…”

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