Press Release: Ciitizen in Palo Alto Selects Healthcare Information Technology Industry Expert as Vice President of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Strategy

“Ciitizen, a healthcare technology company helping patients get full control of their medical records to access more personalized treatment options, including rapid participation in clinical trials, today announced the addition of Glenn Keet as the company’s VP of HIE strategy. Keet will bring both his experience with HIEs and his relationships with industry executives to accelerate Ciitizen’s goal of increasing data access to improve patient care and advance healthcare research.”

“As an integral member of the Ciitizen executive team, Glenn’s long history and experience with HIEs position Ciitizen to grow existing and new relationships with leading health information organizations. Glenn has spent the past 35 years working in healthcare information technology and towards the goal of greater information access. Glenn was co-founder of Axolotl in 1995, a pioneering software provider to HIEs by developing technology to power local, state, and national US HIE infrastructure to securely move and share patient data, which was acquired by Optum in 2010. The Axolotl User Group, which gathered annually for more than ten years, served as the foundation for the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative (SHIEC). Since then, Glenn has led teams at healthcare data and analytics companies, including Clinicapture, HealthLevel, and Clinithink…”

“Ciitizen’s focus on building relationships with HIEs will drive greater interoperability and access to health data across the industry. Our goal is to support our HIE partners to comply with regulations, like Information Blocking, to empower patients in harnessing their records for better care and treatment options,” said Anil Sethi, founder and CEO at Ciitizen. “With Glenn on our team to lead the charge on our HIE strategy, we can propel the industry forward and develop an international system that will ultimately provide the kind of data liquidity needed to tackle the biggest medical challenges, such as curing cancer and rare diseases.”

“For over two decades, HIEs have provided data sharing capabilities among different providers and health care organizations, now covering 92% of the U.S. population. HIEs help improve data access for individual patient care while also ensuring that data is collected to advance population and public health, which is critical in a pandemic. To reach the full potential of this data access, the quality of the data and the ability to analyze it in large volumes is crucial. That’s why earlier this year Ciitizen acquired Stella Technologies’ iQHD and Prism solutions to improve HIE data quality and analytics, solutions Glenn will now oversee.”

“My goal is to create the first nationwide network of HIEs that is focused solely on benefiting patients, enabling them to gain access to, and control of, their health records,” said Glenn Keet, VP of HIE strategy at Ciitizen. “By enabling cancer patients to have their information gathered and curated in one place, Ciitizen is poised to unlock the promise of precision medicine and timely access to clinical trials. I look forward to building out Ciitizen’s existing partnerships to ensure patients are getting the highest quality of care possible.” Read the full press release here.

Source: Ciitizen in Palo Alto Selects Healthcare Information Technology Industry Expert as Vice President of Health Information Exchange (HIE) Strategy, July 13, 2021. Business Wire.



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