US Army MEDCOM Sources Sought: Web-Based Evidence-Based Practices Evaluation Database

Notice ID: PANHCA21P0000008567PWEBS

“The contractor shall provide web-based access to a document management system (DMS) that provides access to manufacturers’ online modular cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety, depression, conduct problems, and trauma for children and adolescents; child and adolescent behavioral health (C&A BH) research evaluation database; and evidence-based practitioner guides for C&A BH psychosocial treatments…”

“The Government’s requirement is to obtain a group subscription for certain online information resources which will provide decision support to MEDCOM’s Child, Adolescent, and Family Behavioral Health Office throughout its worldwide system of care. The subscription must provide for evidence-informed service delivery through linking the resources with the current MEDCOM information infrastructure and provide decision support to health service providers throughout its system of care…”

“The objective of this requirement is to employ a commercial enterprise-wide C&A BH web-based document management system that provides MTFs across the medical command with 24 hour web-based access to a C&A BH evidence-based practice document management system that directly supports the CAFBHS EBP Model and BH care for Military Children and Adolescents…”

“The scope of this contract includes web-based access to an enterprise-wide document management system that includes an evidence-based practices database and practitioner guides for use throughout all MEDCOM MTFs.”

“Description of Work:

  • 1. The contractor shall provide multiple, simultaneous access via the Internet/World Wide Web to its EBP clinical products and system to include modular cognitive behavior therapy elements and treatment pathway, research evaluation database, and EBP practitioner guides document management system.
  • 1.1. Subscription will include web based modular cognitive behavior therapy treatment pathway guidelines for treatment of C&A anxiety, depression, conduct problems and trauma. Each practice element will include comprehensive practitioner guidelines for in session practices and activities, parent and child handouts, and clinical decision-making tools.  In addition to being available online, practitioner guides and therapist handouts will be available in downloadable pdf formats.
  • 1.2. Subscription will include a web-based database that evaluates the research literature on evidence-based psychosocial treatments for children and adolescents, providing an evaluation of those protocols, identifying levels of empirical support, the patient population studied, the protocol used, practice elements that compose those protocols, and the research citation. The database will be updated on a periodic basis (i.e., every 6 months).
  • 1.3. Subscription will include web based practitioner guides that provide in-session step-by-step guidance to therapists regarding implementation of practice elements identified in the web-based database that show the best evidence of support. In addition to being available online, practitioner guides will be available in downloadable pdf formats…”

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